Time Reporting, actual time spent by assignee "quick solution" for small teams

Hey everyone

This is my actual first time after so many years of being an Asana user and Partner.

My area of expertise has been working with small teams providing quick wins they can implement without the complexity that comes with creating systems to work better with less time spent.

For the past 2 months, I’ve been working with a few of my clients doing testing on their reporting so that they can stop using tools like Harvest and roll out the complete use of Asana’s time tracking.

The problem they are facing is getting good reporting, specially reporting per assignee, the problem is when we are trying to get reporting for Actual time spent on a project or a task per assignee, it changes to creator, and often time (most of the time :no_mouth:) the Creator of a task is not the actual Assignee of the task, so in less than an hour I built a “quick solution” while we wait to get a fixed on this from Asana :pray:.

I have made this 8 min video explaining how the end result looks like, I hope this can help someone else with the same issue!


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