Display actual tracked time by assignee instead of creator

When you create a dashboard for reporting, you can’t choose Assignee for an axis, only Creator (although Assignee is available if you choose other criteria for the second axis, but it’s not available for Actual Time axis).

This is a pretty common use case - project managers or team leaders create, estimate and assign tasks for developers. Developers track actual time spent, and project managers want to check the tracked time per developer using a dashboard. Currently, when developers track time it’s displayed as if it was tracked by the project manager, since they created the task.

I have to ask my teammates to duplicate all the tasks because of this and delete original ones, this way they are the task creators and dashboard starts working as intended, please add Assignee as an option in the dashboard when Actual Time is selected as another axis.

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Hi @Ihor_Ahnianikov Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:
We are happy to share the new update with actual time reporting! You can now select ’ Time added by’ in X-axis when selecting Actual Time in Y-axis. Please check the announcement here: New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱ - #184


Awesome, thanks! The issue is resolved.

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