Time tracking report split to tasks

Hi Team!

I’ve been working with Asana for 2 months and I must admit that I really like it.

What we’ve already implemented in the project is setting the estimated time and actual time, so that the team can report their work.

I know that we can create a simple dashboard in which you can see how many hours a person reported within a week, for example.

However, is there any possibility to have an overview of the hours reported per task without screening each task separately.
Eg. This week Mark reported 40h to hour project but to different tasks. Is there a quick way/an overview to see that what he did was:
Reporting 6h on Task 1
Reporting 4h on Task 2
Reporting 10h on Task 4
Reporting 20h on Task 3

Please let me know if this is possible. Perhaps there is an add-on that can be used?

Thank you in advance!

Hi guys! Any ideas of how to check it?

Hi @Paulina_Osuch-Jędrus depending on your licence level you might be able to use portfolio workload feature. This is where you can see who was working on what tasks and when, and how it has eaten into their capacity.

Hello, I would also really like to be able to see in my Home view if possible the actual hours I tracked per task in a given day. I can see the total hours i logged in a day but really need to see the breakdown of that total time so I can figure out where I missed tracking my hours that day. Is there anywhere I can see this breakdown?

Hi Danielle! Thank you for the hint but isn’t it only the overview of assignments in the capacity tracking overview, not the actual time provided?

If there is possibility of breaking down the actual time reported to separate tasks, I would appreciate if you shared some hints on how to do it.

HI @Paulina_Osuch-Jędrus if you use estimated time you can track this in the workload view you just have to click on add effort to make sure you are measuring hours.

Here is the guide article https://help.asana.com/hc/en-us/articles/14075775804827-Portfolio-workload-and-Universal-workload

Danielle, I still think you’re missing the point. I think we are all aware here how to track the hours assigned. The issue is that it’s problematic to track the time reported, which Asana calls Actual time. In the reports what you can do is only track a total of reported hours, while what I need is a sort of a timesheet in which I can see that today a person X worked 2h on task A, 4h on task B and 2h on task C. I don’t think that Asana allows to do that.

In other tools like Azure Devops this can be done by time log add on.

Hi @Paulina_Osuch-Jędrus okay thank you for adding more context, i now understand.

One thought is perhaps an advanced search using the actual time field set to any and you can then set the other parameters such as modification date or due date and assingee etc
However you wont see specifically today’s values you’d see a total.

ccing @Phil_Seeman who might be able to help more