Total time tracked per day per resource

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We are testing using Asana time tracking (we switched from Harvest to have time tracking and tasks all in one place).

Is there a way to view a report of total time tracked by resource by day? We use this often in Harvest as we’re working to make sure we didn’t miss-log anything. I don’t see a centralized place to view time tracking by resource in this way. I have built charts into our dashboards but those don’t provide a report for just the current day, and don’t give any detail, only total time. Portfolio time tracking is a sum of everyone’s hours on the project, not useful for this case.

Any ideas? I know time tracking is new for Asana so maybe more features like this are coming to make it feel like a true replacement for something like Harvest but right now it feels like time is siloed between each task and project and there’s no holistic time reporting view. Unless I am missing something which hopefully I am! :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Hi @saturdayrepublic :wave:

Indeed, the data point “Time added by” works differently than the rest.

I’ve outlined recently that you can’t access the underlying data behind the chart (clicking)

I think it might be time for a post on the Product Feedback - Asana Forum category.

Would you be up for it, or would you like me to do it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Arthur_BEGOU - This item is already in the forum as a product feature request: View time tracking entries as a list. I voted for it since this would solve our issue!

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Hi @saturdayrepublic

Great, I’ve also added my vote :wink:

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