View time tracking entries as a list

We just moved from Everhour to native time tracking and our team realized there is no ability to see a list of what they worked on a given day. It’s a pretty normal habit to review your time at the end of the day and make sure everything was logged and accounted for, but there’s no way to filter tasks on time entry by me and time entry in the last X days. Even if you could, you’d see the total for ALL the time logged against that task which is not the goal. I want to know how much time I have logged for the day.

Making time entries viewable in their own view is an unfortunate necessity to ensuring consistent entry of time, something I need my team to do.

Could we please get a view we can click on the left nav that shows ALL time entries, with filters to allow us to filter to a specific user and period of days?

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I am wondering the same thing! @Steve_Robinson did you find an answer to this?

Agreed! We use Harvest and are testing Asana’s time tracking to have everything in one place, but are realizing there is no holistic time-tracking report we can look at to see how much time each person spent on the current day, current week, etc. We would need this time-tracking reporting to make the switch.

Our team never did find a solution to this. We would still very much like this feature. Our total time tracked has gone down since moving from Everhour to Asana :frowning: