Asana Timesheet View


Does anyone know if it’s possible to create a timesheet view for time logged natively in Asana, so team members can see all time logged in a week?

If not, are there maybe be third party integrations that would offer this, utilising Asana’s native time tracking ability?


Hey @Alexander_Jones2 do you mean time spent on tasks per individual?

Hi @Danielle-GenD, yes, a timesheet showing time logged within a week.

Hi @Alexander_Jones2 depending on what tier you are on, you can use the actual time custom field and then report on it per person over a period of time

Thanks, yes I spotted that. I’m looking for ways to provide greater visibility to the team of what they’ve logged in a singular view. The dashboards don’t fully do that (based on what I’ve found so far) as I can’t get a list view of all assigned tasks with their time logged this week, from multiple projects.

Hi @Alexander_Jones2 ,

Have you tried using the advanced search functionality? You could search for all task where time has been added (plus any other filters you want):

Hi @Alexander_Jones2 will the portfolio workload view not show that using an hours custom field?