Is it possible to see the total time tracked against a task with the Harvest integration?

I like that I can see the Asana task from my Harvest Timesheet (with a link to it), but I’m wondering for cases where I have multiple entries tracking time against a task, if I can see the total time spent on a task from within Asana. I believe the Everhour (a Harvest alternative) chrome extension has this functionality.

I’m assuming no since the Harvest time-tracking modal in Asana is an iFrame, but I’m thinking it might be possible to build a browser extension that queries the Harvest API based on the Asana task URL and sums the tracked time for entries against that task.

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Harvest is powerful, but the way it integrates with Asana is very basic.
I miss the same thing @Jonny_MacEachern mentioned, and an easier way to choose from predefined amount of times: 15 min, 30 min, 1h