Actualy time report

Good day.
How can I get an actual time report where more than one Assignee is working and entering the time of their work in one TASK.
I need to export the working time of all assignees per month in one CHART. Is it even possible to export this?
Thank you for the information

Hi @Jan_RĂ©pal

You can use the new custom field “Actual time”.
Multiple users can enter their time for the same task.
A report will then show a graph of the hours per person per month.


Hi, Julian.
Thanks for the information, I used Actual time but I can’t create a report. I must be making a mistake somewhere. Can you give me advice on creating a report?

You click on “Reporting” then you can create new dashboards.
For instance, you can create this graph:

Thank you. I also found this, but when I select Actual time, my X-axis automatically changes from Assignee to Creator and it cannot be reversed. I have to create a new report and the problem keeps repeating itself

I can’t get past this error

Welcome, @Jan_RĂ©pal,

I’m afraid this isn’t currently possible. I ran into this over a month ago and documented it here and hope Asana will consider addressing this:



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