Time reporting by task

We spend a lot of time setting up tasks, adding estimates, and adding time and it’s incredibly frustrating that I can’t see any reporting that shows me time entered into a specific task within a specific timeframe. I know Asana has this information but it’s impossible to pull it out. I need to be able to slice and dice this data.

I should be able to select an employee and see what tasks they worked/how much time they added to that task on for any given day


Hi @Christine_Forbes , perhaps this may help you…?

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Hello! This is so strange that you guys can’t implement the simple and necessary feature a lot of people are asking about. Say my employee spent 8 hours working today. I need the list of tasks he worked on and how many hrs he spent on each task today. That’s it.


Bridge24 just released a Time Report feature. See the topic here Asana Time Reports Now Available in Bridge24