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I have a team of six people and they work together on projects. They enter the time and date of their work in real time, and in many cases the work is moved to the next months.
Is it possible to create a report that would be able to draw time from Actual time and still divide it in the report according to the specified date?
I need to report their working hours every month.
I can’t create such a repot.
Can I ask for advice on whether it is possible to create this report and, if so, how? Thank you very much for the information.

Hi @Jan_Répal are you on a Premium or Business plan? Just asking because there are various workarounds for this in Premium which has slightly more limited reporting features than the Business plan.

Hi, I found out that we should have the Business version

Hi @Jan_Répal ,

This is a tricky one indeed and the below are some workarounds which perhaps you have already tried but it depends on what suits you best:

1. Create a Column or Lollipop chart like this:
(the X-axis is via ‘Time period>Month’ (available on Business)
(the Y-axis is via ‘Time entry>Actual time’

This will provide the TOTAL hours tracked by ALL MEMBERS on a monthly basis - perhaps not what you want…?

2. Create a Column or Lollipop chart like this:
(the Y-axis is via ‘Time entry>Actual time’
(the filter is via 'Date>Time entered date

This will provide you with the total hours tracked by EACH MEMBER over the past month - perhaps this is what you are looking for…?

Thank You

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