How do I track a person's ACTUAL TIME in last 1 month?

Hi Team.

Is there any way to search someone’s ‘actual hour’ spent per week, month etc?
if i am right there is no way to search other than below.

Advance search
Assigned to: Mr XYZ
Due date: In between i.e 1st July to 31st July.
Custom field ‘Actual Time’ with any value.

but this will capture ‘assigned’ to XYZ tasks only excluding other tasks with Mr XYZ’s input in actual hours.

Have I missed anything? can anyone help.


Hi Eric :wave:

There is a way to do that with the Report feature.

Generally, I personally believe that creating a Report for a search if often a more visual way than using Advanced Search (& if you click on the data, you will actually access to an Advanced Search).

But in your case particularly, if you select as a dimension, the “Time added by”, and if you combine it with the “Actual time” (= what you call ‘actual hour’), then I think you will find a solution to your issue :wink:

I will mark my answer as solution, but please let me know if that works for you

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Thanks Arthur.

played around a bit in reporting section but looks like we can only see total hours but cant see contents of it (number of specific tasks)… :frowning:

Hey @anon2656139

If you click on the chart (on the slice of data), you get to see the full list of tasks (corresponding to an Advanced Search).

Is it what you are looking for?

interesting… mine doesnt work at all, most importantly I dont have ‘Time added by…’ option under Group. :frowning:

Hi Eric.

Would you please share a screenshot with me?
(same style as mine previously)

Also, have in mind that the time tracking I’m mentioning is the Official Asana “Actual time” tracking, an official Custom Field, available in the Custom Field library, in the Business pricing plan (and above).

Is it also what you are using ?

Hi Arthur!
Yes we are on business above and actively using Actual and Est time field.

Hi @anon2656139

Great, you have “Time added by” and “Actual Time” in your report.

But indeed, surprisingly, I’ve tested it and I can’t click on the chart to access the underlying data when reporting specially on “Time added by” and “Actual time” (all other combinations seems to generate clickable data, but not this one…)

Do you think it’s a bug?

I am tempted to say this is just a missing feature, but not sure.

It’s a missing feature… or a BUT…

how do we raise this issue? through usual support line page?

@anon2656139 :wave:

As it is probably not a bug, but a missing feature, I doubt the support can help with that.

I would recommend creating a new topic in the category “Product Feedback - Asana Forum”. Then, forum users can vote for your topic and get attention from the product team.

Title could be Clickable charts for “Time added by"x"Actual time”

And briefly explain in description that Charts using “Time added by” and “Actual time” are not clickable (at the difference of any other charts we have tested). This behavior happens in Dashboards and Reporting.
You can reference this topic here, and add a screenshot like this one


I think it’s better if you do it yourself (as the initial user spotting this missing feature) but If you prefer, I can also do it. :wink:

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