Native Time Tracking read data

I’ve seen the news and I’ve it enabled into one of my project this: New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱

accordingly to timeline, we should able to read the data.
Now: I can find the “estimated hours” under the custom_fields (returns an int that are the minutes), but where/how can I access the “Actual Time”?

Maybe you have to request it through the opt_fields ?

No, actually the API is a bit behind schedule - they should have read access available soon but it’s not quite there yet.

cc: @sasha_f

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Sorry for the confusion here. As @Phil_Seeman said we are behind schedule with respect to API support. We’re working with the engineering team responsible for the time tracking feature to understand what API functionality will be available when. We’ll make a post to clarify asap – thank you for your patience in the meantime.


Hi folks, quick update here: we expect a read API for time tracking to be available by the end of January – we’ve updated the original post to reflect this.

To further clarify: as @Stefano_Tranquillini mentioned above, Estimated time works as a numeric custom field that you can read and write, with the value representing a duration in minutes. Actual time will be a new property on task objects available for reads but not writes (until later in 2023).

We’ll let you know when the API is available via the forum and update the our API documentation with the details. Apologies once again for the confusion.