Trying to add Actual Time field to projects but can't find the field gid

We have numerous existing projects that we want to add the Actual Time field to using the API to “Add a custom field to a project”, but I’ve had no luck finding the field gid to use.

I’ve queried the custom fields on the workspace and none of them are Actual Time. Is there a way to do this?

Hi @kchen1 and welcome to the forum,

It’s not a custom field; you want the task.actual_time_minutes property.

Note, though, that unless they added write support and didn’t tell us, it’s currently limited to reading; you can’t write to that field. They’re supposed to be adding write support at some point. (Having said that, if you do try writing to it and it works, please let us know here!)

For more, see:

Thanks for the quick reply Phil. So is the answer here that we can’t add this to projects via the API?

I was looking to use this method: Add a custom field to a project, but seeing how this is not a custom field is there a similar method to add a non-custom field to a project where the field isn’t already being used? I couldn’t find one in the API reference.

Or any other alternatives to having users have to go and customize their projects one-by-one to add the time tracking component?

Oh, sorry, I mis-read your request.

Yeah, there’s currently no way to add those fields to a project programmatically, I’m afraid.


Appreciate it. Thanks Phil.

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