Using Asana for Part-Time Employees Hours

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I have taken a look around for a bit, and have not found a direct answer, but has anyone used Asana as a monthly scheduling tool to track employees’ hours? We have a call center with part-time employees, and at the end of the month, I have to look at the schedule and total up their hours. Just wanted to see if anyone has done something similar. Thanks in advance! :v:t3:

Hey Dustin,

I mean if you want it manually you can work with custom fields where your employees key in hours worked and then you can have an overview under the workload and report feature. You can set up another custom field with planned hours so you can compare (if required)

But honestly I recommend to connect a time tracking tool so everything is precise and they cannot just put in any time. No matter if you trust people or not I recommend doing this as you can also track their efficiency and other things with many apps :slight_smile:
Have a look here at the comparison: Time tracking in Asana: a community built comparison


Thank you! @Andrea_Mayer :medal_sports:

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