Asana Time Tracking intergrations with manual time entries

I use Asana for business planning, but I am looking for a time tracking integration. With which we can manually fill in the hours for the projects/tasks. Preferably a free solution but most important is that you can fill in the hours manually per project/task. Any tips/advice for the relevant software/integration that meets these requirements?

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I list a dozen time tracking tools for Asana on The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana - #24 by Andrea_Mayer, have a look :). I don’t use any of them so I can’t help further sorry.


Yep agree with @Bastien_Siebman there is a great list already.

Personally I have worked a lot with Worksnaps already (has a free plan but you can only create one project) and Hubstaff Pricing | Hubstaff Time Tracker

I prefer Hubstaff as it has a lot of extra features and the Asana integration is great :slight_smile:

But it really depends if you rather need basic time tracking or more features.
Both of the above allow you to manually add time as well.

There are also a few more basic time tracking tools in the list Bastien mentioned.

Should be co-build a post about a comparison of the time tracking apps for Asana?!




:rofl: I am working on the draft


Hehe sure @Bastien_Siebman
I can prepare more info on worksnaps and Hubstaff if you want as I have been using both since a few years and then let‘s see who can chip in some more info on the other time tracking apps.

Probably a comparison table would be nice as well :slight_smile:

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I use Everhour and I love it. I’m a consultant with lots of different clients - I track each of them in a different Asana project. The integration into Asana is excellent - you can start a timer or manually enter how much time was spent on a task. You can also add a note to explain what you were doing. Then on the Everhour page you can generate detailed reports of your time or add the time to invoices. I tried Harvest but it wasn’t as good. Unfortunately Everhour is not cheap. There is no free plan and they bill for a minimum of 5 users to it is quite expensive for a 1-person team.


The post is ready, let’s get that baby filled in!

@Andrea_Mayer yes please!