Please build time tracking into Asana

We would dearly love time tracking to be built directly into Asana. We’ve stopped using Asana and moved to another product that has it integrated, but we really miss Asana on so many other levels.

The reason we switched is because we found 3rd party time trackers to be not well integrated, too expensive, or both.

Sorry to hear about your experience. Asana is the best in terms of having everything literally at arm’s reach. Time-tracking is easy as one click. TMetric integration with Asana works ok and will let you calculate with precision.

We use Everhour and the integration is very seamless. I think you would like either tool.


+1 to the OP. We pay for Asana in a competitive space, so paying another per-seat fee for our company on yet another service to do something that would be so simple to add natively feels frustrating.


We actually switched back to Asana after trying Avaza and we now use Avaza just for time-tracking.

What we eventually realised is that task management and time-tracking aren’t the bedfellows you might first assume.

Time-tracking and profit/budget-tracking are more appropriately done at a category level than a task level, so trying to integrate task-management and time-tracking can actually compromise task-management.


This has come up a lot in the past, and I want to add my 2 cents.

Time tracking in Asana is the key feature we miss. We use the free version of Asana which provides tons of useful features, but we pay everhour a ridiculous amount of money to do time tracking only. We would much rather have that money go towards Asana. If time tracking was implemented in Asana we would upgrade to premium on the spot.

Asana funnels so much money into time-tracking products. Why not implement your own? Users has been screaming for native time tracking for years.



I use a custom “numerical” field to estimate time for each task. I’d like a few more pieces of functionality.

  1. That subtask time estimates tally up to a sum in parent tasks
  2. That task time estimates tally up to a sum from section headers



Hey guys!

I’ve been trying out all of your time tracker integrations, and all of them is such a headache. Even paid ones. Not even saying that the only one that integrates more or less complete is Harvest. But even it is so raw.

I really think you have to make a bond with and integrate it fully into Asana projects dashboard, not just a pop up like it is done for harvest.

Take a look how easy it is to start a timer there

Additionally here is a letter I send to Harvest with all the UI/UX suggestions

Here is what I found so far:

1.When I click on the clock icon in my Asana project I am expecting to just quickly start timer instead of clicking “Create project” which opens another browser tab and redirects me to Harvest with a huge list of fields and settings. It will become a big headache when you have a lot of small projects in Asana.

That could be twice better if I could create project not leaving Asana at all, which could be achieved by pre-setting my defaults fo new projects in Harvest.

For instance, I don’t need any non billable tasks, my hourly rate is usually same.

Client could be selected from a drop down in Asana, Title could be set immediately there too.

Then I’d love my project start date to be assigned automatically upon creation of the project, and end date simply when I send invoice or click “close project”

In short, the integration with Asana is really very raw.

  1. When I finally create a project I have to go back to Asana tab …sigh… then I click “start timer” and it simply closes the window saying nothing , and the only hint that the timer is active is a blue outline of the clock which can be barely noticed by non designer.
    It should definitely show ticking time somewhere in the corner , and the time should include seconds as well , otherwise you have an impression that the timer has stopped.

It got even more confusing when I installed Harvest app for Mac OS, the time that I have tracked in this app is simply not shown in Asana.

3.When I click on the Harvest clock in Asana and window pops up, I’d love to see a better timesheet, instead of " has hh:mm tracked to it"

It could say something much more human like “Roger worked 2hr30m on this project”
Ideally I would love to see time tracks near to my project title in Asana not even clicking on the clock.

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I agree!!! Even more useful is that asana include their own time tracker with as a kind of subtask.


the tracker hellobonsai you tell about it is great, no doubt, but saying that other trackers are a headache would be unfair. TMetric integrates with Asana seamlessly and provides with the most precise calculations, the same applies to PomoDone - the integration is easy and smooth

I second this…If folks are going to pay $19 per seat and then an additional $9 per seat that just raises the price up when other systems like Wrike have built in timers and “chat” for less @$24 a seat and some other goodies that Asana does not have Plans and Pricing | Wrike

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It seems crazy to me that this isn’t a thing yet. Our agency needs to output hours rolled up by task, and none of the integrations seem to do that. Either they don’t pull in the task names directly, or they don’t pull them in until you do X, Y or Z, or they list them by task but you can’t roll up multiple hours by task…it seems very strange that with a function so ubiquitous as having to track hours that there’s not a better native solution.

Come on, Asana, tracking time is an extremely common need when it comes to project management. Ask the people at, who I continually get targeted ads for, and who actually advertise the fact that they have time tracking built in.


Asana, we’re begging here, how is native time tracking still unresolved? You’ve raised $80M in funding, how is this a thing? We’ve tested 20+ platforms including Flow, Monday, Wrike, Favro, Teamwork, Jira, Clickup, Ora…we prefer Asana, but really need this feature. Is anyone at Asana actually reading these requests? Can you give your community an ETA on new features?


We also need timetracking. We need timestamps for any activity. Timetracking without any activity of the user!

kind regards De5ch

We use If you use Chrome or Firefox, you can add an extension that will add a Clockify button on every task pane. We use the free version which is more than enough for us.

PLEASE Assana Time and profit tracking and we marry you.


I use Everhour to track my time and it is an absolute LIFESAVER. It’s $96 a year ($8/month paid yearly up front) but it is SO worth it for that integration to asana

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Wanted to add a vote here, although somehow I think this is a long shot…

My take: some of the integrations have really come along the last 2 years I have been using/testing Asana. Everhour seems particularly well integrated, but that is going to cost my team an extra $35/month for just 5 people. And, although I’d hoped guests could use it (I have a lot of remote contractor developers), turns out they can’t. So if I want to get the full Portfolio/Workload tracking in Asana, meaning Business Tier, then add Everhour to get real time tracking - and mind you this doesn’t even align Everhour’s Estimates to Asana’s “Effort” fields, per this post…

You have to do work in the API to get that!

That is a lot of work!

I agree with @JJ_LWing and and @travisg about other tools being far superior here. ClickUp for example has a native tracker, that actually offers more than the Everhour integration, and guest users can track time for it. Wrike also does not let guests track time for what it’s worth if you’re looking to compare…

So is there anything in the roadmap for Asana, regarding natively integrated time tracking? Would be great if we could get an official response from a representative on this.

I’m really enjoying Asana.

So much so that I’m working on both of my teams to adopt the “Asana” way.

The reason I’m writing is to find out what, if any, are your plans for adding a timer function and notes function to Asana?