Tracking (Logging) Time / Staff Timesheets

We need the ability for staff to log time against some tasks so that we can refer to this for client billing. I can see loads of other posts about time tracking and integrating with other apps but it’s not so much the actual tracking of time I am wanting, but the actual logging of time against a task.

Can anyone suggest something please ? TIA

Hey @zigojacko, here is a great overview of various time tracking tools that the Asana community members are using Time tracking in Asana: a community built comparison

Personally, I can recommend Hubstaff. Our company has been using it for a few years already and it fulfils all our needs. For us, it is important as well to be able to track time towards tasks and projects directly. It also allows us to restrict tracking so team members must track towards tasks and are not allowed to track towards projects (which helps us to get a better overview on hour allocation vs consumption and efficiency)
And in the settings you can also select for the time worked to be posted as comment in the relevant Asana task like this:

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Thanks for your reply.

Does Hubstaff allow you to actually input the hours against a task for a particular team member within Asana? If so, please can you show a screenshot?

There appears to be lots of third party apps but I can’t find any screenshots of how they integrate into Asana.

We don’t want to use a separate tool ideally and like I say, I don’t really care how the time is tracked, I just want team members to be able to add their hours to a task (currently tried using a custom field but it seems pretty basic).

Yeah so if you do not want a third party tool then working with custom fields is the way to go in my opinion. As you can have a custom field for expected hours vs actually consumed hours and then sum things up via graphs or in list view. + You can use the Portfolio feature.

If you want more features then you’d have to go with using a third-party tool as Asana does not have a native time tracking option yet.

Here is an existing product feedback request if you want to vote: Please build time tracking into Asana

So you want to allow team members to manually add time? So not actually using a time tracking tool to track automatically?

Hubstaff is mainly automatically (the only downside atm is that we are not able to start tracking by clicking on a button within Asana, has to be done via the app, browser or mobile phone).
Adding time manually works as well but via their website basically.

Some of the time tracking tools mentioned in the article I shared before do allow to start tracking from within Asana directly.

Which tool suits you best really depends on what features you require

@zigojacko have you considered Everhour?

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Hi @zigojacko,

Here is how Everhour lets you track time directly in Asana both with a timer or manually: How to Track Time in Asana - Asana Time Tracking with Everhour - YouTube

Is that what you are looking for?

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