Time Tracking tool integrations with Asana

Hi all! I’m currently exploring various time tracking tools (Everhour, Toggl, Harvest) that integrate well with Asana and wanted to see if there are any preferences within this community and why.

Hi @Jermaine_Montaut. There is quite a bit of discussion on the forum around Time Tracking Integrations for Asana. Check out: Which Time Tracking App works best with Asana? & Time Tracking integrations if you haven’t already. Also, there is a product feedback request to build an internal Asana Time Tracking where you can upvote (it has other comments around integrations as well). Please build time tracking into Asana . Hope this helps!


Hi @Jermaine_Montaut, we switched from Toggl to Everhour, been using that for a year now. It has fantastic backside reporting for admins. They are all decent, just depends on what you want. The integration of Everhour into all the tabs and portfolios of Asana are key for me. Happy hunting, hope you find what you like.

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Hey Chris,
Having an integration in place that allows us to manage the project as well as record time without having to switch between tabs is crucial in order to aid in user adoption. Currently leaning towards Everhour as well so glad to see that it’s been working well for you. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

Here a bit more details on how Everhour + Asana plays together (for quick reference):

Hi @Jermaine_Montaut! I prefer TMetric time tracker. You can take a look: Asana Time Tracking for Windows, Mac, Linux
I hope it’ll be useful. Good luck!

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