Good time tracker for Asana



So far, I’ve found Toggl and Clockify.

Any other good, but free time tracker that integrates with Asana?

Time management tool to help managing the hours spent doing tickets

We use Everhour and love it. We tried Harvest, but it fell short in several areas. Mostly our love comes from the fact that it has a Chrome extension that allows us to use it for anything.


I use custom fields in Asana to track time. I guess it depends how accurate you want to be, but for me 15min time blocks were sufficient.


There are several great threads on time tracking in Asana. This one is a great starting point: Do you track your time?


I would not change Asana for any other team-management software. It has tons of useful options and uasability is perfect. I use as the integrated digital timer - seems like pairing with Asana smoothly.