Best 2022 Time Tracking Integration (currently using Clockify)

I am currently piloting Clockify integration with Asana. The Chrome add-on integration has been a mess since we started using it in 1Q of this year. I’m ready to test something else out as we need to find something stable for our organization to use that allows us to enter time directly from tasks in asana.

There’s a handful of other options out there, some free, some not. Does anyone else have any experience using time tracking integrations? Would love to hear other’s thoughts. We have a small budget to pilot this integration so even paid tools are welcome.

Thanks Asana Community!


A good place to start might be:

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This “ultimate guide” is beautiful! I’ve bookmarked it and I will start there. Thanks so much.

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Thanks for the shootout. Both my time tracking post and ultimate guide are a bit old, but they still contain interesting stuff I believe!

I had some exposure to HourStack working with a client who was evaluating it. You can sign up for a free trial, in fact I did this when looking at their integration needs. The off the shelf integration is nice, bringing the Asana work into HourStack (nice UX, drag and drop). It could be worth a look and I would be happy to share with you what I know if you like.

TMetric works pretty well for me.
What I love most is that it sums up tracked time from all work sessions spent on a given task and shows the result right in the task.
So I can work on a task during multiple days, switch to other tasks, and in the end I can see total time spent on the task.