Which Time Tracking App works best with Asana?

Hi Everyone.

I’m looking for the BEST TIME TRACKING APP that works best with Asana. I am looking forward to track the time spent on below classifications :

  • By Tasks
  • By Subtasks
  • By Projects
  • By Clients
  • By Status of My Project etc

I tried using many different tools, but could not find all the features in any of them. Some apps could cover few of the above classifications, where some apps lacked even with the basic classifications. I want all in one solution that can help me to manage my team. So I hope someone could advise me.

Also, I am looking for something that is affordable. Max I can spend is around $10 p.m. (Would love to have the free trial of course before I loose up my pocket :wink:

There are many time-tracking threads here. Here’s a good place to start: Do you track your time? - #69 by JulieCruz


Have a look at asana.com/apps for a complete list (without feedback though, I give you that)

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I have been pretty happy with the Harvest integration. I can run start the timer from any Asana task, then choose the client, project, and task as set up in Harvest. The Asana task name is added to the Harvest entry, and Harvest links back to the Asana task. Subtasks from Asana work the same way.
Clients and projects are self-explanatory in Harvest. I set up the tasks in Harvest as a task type. My Harvest tasks include things like Admin, Project management, and Composition and design. This way, I can add a task anywhere in Asana, and immediately start the Harvest timer, without further setup in Harvest.

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I guess TMetric
integrated with Asana :white_check_mark:
calculating without fail :white_check_mark:
affordable (free plan ideal for one-man project) :white_check_mark:

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I’m working with zistemo which is really fully integrated into Asana,
Time management functionality without switching between Apps.


Hello @Avni_Gajjar,

I suggest you to look at Everhour + Asana integration. Here is why.

When you connect Asana with Everhour, we sync all your active projects so that you don’t need to make any additional project setup. The synchronization happens automatically.

When you add a new project or change the name of the existing one, we will sync this change after some time. That means your reports will always show the freshest data.

And we also sync such meta information as tags, sections, custom fields. You can do any kind of reports in Everhour based on these details.

You can also set time estimates right inside Asana interface so at any time you can see the time you spend and what is left.

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Do NOT use TimeCamp. Stay FAR away. Their product is constantly not working properly, their integration is really poor. It creates so much extra work to manage b/c it mis-tracks 18 hrs, b/c their timer won’t shut off, when you tracked 5 mins to one task, and their product service is horrible. I’m still searching for a new solution.

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The TimeCamp integration worked for me, but TimeCamp had reliability issues of its own (with or without integration).

I have also integrated Asana with TimeDoctor and Hubstaff. I gave up on Time Doctor, because the synchronization took too long in the use case of adding a task in Asana and then immediately starting a timer in TimeDoctor. This has improved since TimeDoctor updated its UI some months ago. Hubstaff synchronizes right away and integration of Asana tasks into Hubstaff has worked consistently for me over about four years of use. Hubstaff has task management too, but has not lured me away from Asana :slight_smile:

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I use Asana with Safari and iOS devices as well as Macs. Any suggestions from you guys on the best integrations that work with Safari on Mac?

It’s seems like everything supports Chrome and Firefox instead.

I agree that TimeCamp has reliability issues. It just happens sometimes that the numbers don’t add up. Not just the reports but even individual time entries will show a completely wrong duration, even though start and end time are correct. I have suggested to them several times that that they implement a some simple check routine that checks for such plain stupid mistakes. But they’ve not done it. They probably think: why do we need such double-checking when we can make sure that all records are correct from the start. Well, yes, if they could ensure that, they don’t need it, But apparently they can’t, and I don’t blame them. Because … computers.

With that said, I have to disagree when it comes to their integration. Last time I checked, the TimeCamp integration was the only one able to fully and flexibly mirror my Asana task hierarchy and track time against every single sub-task, sub-sub-sub-…task. And if you move a subtask to a different task or change its name or whatever, those changes will be reflected in TimeCamp (not immediately, but after the automatic sync occurred, and if you don’t want to wait you can trigger a sync manually). And they seem to have mastered the the transition from task-sections to column-sections in Asana without any problems, including that they calculate the total duration for all tasks under a seaction. You can even add comments to each individual time entry from within Asana.

I would love to, because in some ways they are better than TimeCamp, but they are miles away from the kind of integration I get with TimeCamp and last time I checked, they didn’t even seem to have the ambition of ever mirroring the asana task-tree. That was quite some time ago, though, so I’d be happy to hear that all my deal breakers are now gone.

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Anyone have experience with TRACKINGTIME?

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Last time I looked at trackingtime was over two years ago. At the time, the dealbreaker for me was that it doesn’t support sub-tasks at all; they were just converted into tasks so that any task hierarchy is flattened out, which is pretty useless for timetracking purposes…

Hello. I have tested nearly all of the timetracking integrations with Asana. But I did not find a tracking tool, with which it is possible, to track time in a sub and sub-sub task structure and report it also in this structure. I wish a report structure like that.

Task (Time of this task and all Sub-Tasks)
– Subtask (Time of this sub-task and all Sub-Subtasks from it)
– – Sub-Subtask (Time of this sub-sub-task)

Is here anyone who knows, how and with which tool I can get that?

Kind regards


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If you want to help, I am building with the help of the community a comparison of the various time tracking apps Time tracking in Asana: a community built comparison

I’m using TMetric, time and tasks management without switching between apps. Invoicing feature helps me in communication with the client. And for self-control I prefer such features as screenshots and capturing sites and docs I’m using during work

I’m working with TMetric. Very native integration with Asana. And what’s most useful are the features payrolling and budgeting. Makes it very easy to work

Thanks for being honest! I’ll add it to Time tracking in Asana: a community built comparison

How is it with syncing projects between Asana and TMetric? I saw that Everhour pulled everything in from Asana right away, but I can’t seem to find that feature with TMetric.