Assigning time and tracking time for tasks

Is it possible to assign how much time a task should take?

Similarly - is there a way to see all the time of each task added up within one project to be able to see how much time each person needs to spend?

Hey @Stella_Shepherd

If you’re using Asana premium, I suggest adding a custom field for time estimation to the Project in question- be sure you select numerical value as the type of custom field. Once you multi-select the Tasks in your Project, Asana will calculate the total sum of the custom fields with numerical values in the Task pane to the right.

A screenshot with additional details from a similar thread are available at the following link below:

With regard to time tracking software, I invite you to take a look at the various time tracking software integrations available to you at the following link:

Hope this help Stella!

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Awesome! Thank you so much.

hello, TMetric integrates with Asana. If you use it for time tracking, in TMetric menu bar (in Reports) you will see tasks summary that will automatically make all the time calculations and generate the chart with the detailed project info for that task.

Hello @Stella_Shepherd,

As an option, consider connecting Asana with Everhour. This way you can set estimates and at any time see the time you spend and what is left.

Check more here - Asana Time Tracking – No More Switching Tabs

I also like Everhour and tested it several times already, but I kept returning to TimeCamp. Last time I checked, these were my deal breakers:

  • Everhour only uses US time and date format (AM, PM) and July, 17 etc.
  • Everhour only has projects, tasks, and sub-tasks. No sub-sub-tasks, and so on. So it can’t fully mirror the Asana task hierarchy.
  • Time is always tracked against the main task. No way of knowing how much time you spent on sub tasks.
  • You cannot add comments to time entries from within Asana (though I noted that this feature was planned, so maybe it exists now?) But even the comments in everhour itself are not so great because they are hidden way down in the log and very difficult to find. And multiple comments for the same task on the same day are displayed together. Many people wont mind, but I like to be able to add a comment to a specific time entry, e.g. what who that email was to that I wrote between 14:05 and 14:25.

Have any of these issues (if I may call them that) been resolved?

I’m working with zistemo witch works like a charm and very easy to use. You can track & edit your time in Asana and also manage your budget without leaving Asana.


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