Which Time Tracking App works best with Asana?

Hi! It’s set automatically - Asana projects automatically are mapped to TMetric projects and Asana tags are automatically assigned to time entries

I still wish this was integrated as a core feature.

The Asana devs should take a look at how Wrike have incorporated it.

I’m a diehard Asana user and have been for years but a client I started working with uses Wrike and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Their approach to time tracking on tasks is flawless.

With the Asana integrations to date, one feature seems to be missing with all of them.

I want the total time to be logged in the description or as a comment to the task itself so that data remains within the Asana ecosystem. That would make it so much better.

C’mon devs! :slight_smile:


Not an Asana Diehard here…but we are spending A LOT of money with Asana and we are looking for another platform to use.

Ready to switch to another platform because of many reasons, although the newest is that 3 new languages have just been rolled out instead of building desperately needed new features. Asana, your dev priority is clearly misinformed. You need to fix the product before trying to get new users.

Hardest Hitting for us:

  • Terrible Built in Time Tracking. This is a critical feature. Shouldnt have to buy Harvest or something and all these integrations need to be able to start/stop time on the mobile app easily, as well as show the time spent on each task or on each subtask… And we should have the ability to total all subtask times into the task.
  • No ability to see on the timeline view, other projects that we should be able to overlay/control/ create dependencies from and to.
  • No ability to adjust left column position of the Timeline view (It cuts off the name of the section and hovering over the section name doesn’t show the full name.)
  • Cannot prevent users that needs to have edit access from deleting tasks or timestamp/edit history about the task…for tasks that are owned by their superiors. - There needs to be granularity with regard to deleting/editing the task, and editing the timestamp details (the audit log for each task) - We cannot have team members be able to make changes to tasks and then hiding their tracks. We need to prevent them from doing any of this.
  • There is still no ability for 2 way calendar sync with Google Calendar / Outlook Calendar
  • There is still no UNDO button that records a history of each change that we can click to go back when a mistake is made
  • When something is deleted it needs to go into a shared recycle bin and permissions to permanently delete are only for the owner of the project
  • And maybe one of the the worst issues… inability to reverse sort the fields.
  • No global controls over Task templates or way to even roll them out to existing products
  • No ability to be able to have more than 10 task templates
  • No ability to have more than 1 form per project
  • No ability for Subtasks to have rules applied to them