The ultimate guide for doing things with Asana

Hi community,

Over the past years, Asana has been growing like crazy. You can now do a lot of things using Asana alone, or with external tools. I thought it would be a good idea to list them all!

:raising_hand_man: Please comment on the post to suggest any change to the list. Help me find tools that are missing and identify important discussions in the community to list below.
:relieved: Disclaimer: I also list tools I created myself below
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:rotating_light::rotating_light: This post was initially created in October 2018, the ecosystem became too big to keep it up-to-date.

Create workflows in Asana

  • use the API :link:
  • Flowsana :gear:
  • :gear:
  • Blockspring Scripts :gear:
  • :gear:
  • Integromat :gear:
  • Zapier :gear:
  • Project Buddy :gear:

Do X with Asana

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) :gear:
  • Business :gear:
  • Marketing :gear:
  • GTD :link:
  • Scrum :gear: :mega: :link: :link:
  • OKR :mega: :mega: :mega:
  • Organize a wedding :link: :link:
  • Strategic planning and goal tracking :link:
  • Mind maps :link:
  • Product Launch :link:
  • Product Roadmap :link:
  • Run meetings :link:
  • SWOT analysis :link:
  • Track video meetings tasks :link:

Collaborate on screenshots

Find an Asana consultant / get help

  • minimalist work - Asana Experts :gear:
  • minimalist work - Hotline for Asana :gear:

Clean up your Asana

  • minimalist work - Asana Tags :gear:
  • minimalist work - Asana Overview :gear:
  • minimalist work - Asana Custom Fields :gear:
  • minimalist work - My Tasks Cleaner :gear:

Hire a Virtual Assistant to work in Asana

  • minimalist work - Asana Assistants :gear:

Communicate with Asana

  • Slack :gear:
  • Microsoft Teams :gear:
  • Mail Birds :gear:
  • Dossier :gear:
  • MailChimp :gear:
  • Front :gear:
  • :gear:
  • Uniteable :gear:
  • Twist :gear:
  • CloudApp :gear:
  • Microsoft Office 365 :gear:
  • Gmail :gear:
  • MailButler :gear:
  • Sendana :gear:
  • Glip :gear:
  • Kore :gear:

Collaborate with developers in Asana

  • GitHub :gear:
  • BitBucket :gear: :gear:
  • Phabricator :gear:
  • Sentry :gear:
  • Unito :gear:
  • Jira :gear:
  • Pivotal Tracker :gear:
  • LambdaTest :gear:

Sell/Share your Asana templates

  • Templana :gear:

Asana administration

  • Migrate Asana projects between orgs/workspaces :gear:
  • See all tags :gear:
  • See all customs fields :gear:
  • See all teams and projects :gear:
  • Export all tasks with a script :link:
  • minimalist work - Asana Everyone - Add all members on tasks, projects or teams :gear:

Discover workflows for Asana

  • Templana :gear:

Share templates privately

  • Templana private section :gear:

Do time tracking in Asana
See Time tracking in Asana: a community built comparison for testimonials

  • Everhour :gear:
  • Hourstack :gear:
  • Tick :gear:
  • TMetric :gear:
  • Harvest :gear:
  • TSheets :gear:
  • Timely :gear:
  • Hubstaff :gear:
  • Outplanr :gear:
  • PomoDone :gear:
  • TimeCamp :gear: (warning)
  • ProfitTable :gear:
  • Toggle :gear:
  • Time Doctor :gear:
  • Timeneye :gear:
  • Velocity :gear:
  • Zistemo :gear:
  • DueFocus :gear:
  • Kosmotime (Time-blocking) :gear:

Connect forms to Asana

  • JotForm :gear:
  • Aha :gear:
  • Google Forms :gear:
  • Wufoo :gear:
  • BugMuncher :gear:

Do reporting/dashboarding with Asana

  • Custom Dashboard :computer:
  • Asana2Go :gear:
  • Everhour :gear:
  • HourStack :gear:
  • Google Sheets :gear: :mega:
  • TMetric :gear:
  • DigiSpoke :gear:
  • Screenful :gear:
  • Hubstaff :gear:
  • Outplanr :gear:
  • ProfitTable :gear:
  • Weekdone :gear:
  • Toggl :gear:
  • PowerBI :gear:
  • WorkingOn :gear:
  • Timeneye :gear:
  • Bridge24 :gear:
  • Velocity :gear:
  • Grow :gear:
  • Instagantt :gear:
  • Fivetran :gear:
  • IBM App Connect :gear:
  • Tableau :gear:

Sync calendars

  • zzBots :gear:


  • Tasks auto-numbering :mega:
  • Asana Navigator to improve navigation :gear:
  • Integrate Asana tasks within Wordpress :mega:
  • Turn Shopify orders into tasks :mega:
  • Time-blocking with Kosmotime :gear:

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Well done, @Bastien_Siebman!

Wow, I’m impressed @Bastien_Siebman! Thank you so much for including TimeCamp here!

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Thank you so much for putting this list together @Bastien, it is super useful, especially for new users! I’m adding it straight away to my bookmarks! :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone. I hope we can keep this list up-to-date and refer people to it!


Great overview Bastien.

FYI to all: Power Bi does not gather data for custom fields.

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Do you think I should specify this or have a dedicated category for tools supporting custom fields?

This is great! As always, too many options are a problem and we need some kind of filtering or sorting but this is an amazing start for more conversation on these tools!

This was a first step before a potential dedicated website for this…

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This is awesome Bastien.

I think it would be great if there was a section just for tools that support custom fields.


Great idea, or use an emoji to show it. But there are so many :scream: I’ll work on it.

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I have added Kothar, Flowsana and Tagsana to the list.


Added a few links:


I use this one. It should be a build in feature!


Minor point but you probably want to update “Kothar” to say “Ditto” (or perhaps mention that and also “Kothar 2.0” since a lot of people may know it by its former name).


I have added a misc section with a link to this tasks auto-numbering post Reference numbers for tasks - #30 by Maggie_Reddi

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@Bastien_Siebman - Once again, excellent job on this list.

I’ve really enjoyed Asana Navigator recently, so it might be a tool you’d consider adding to your list for improving Asana navigation and shortcuts: Asana Navigator - Chrome Web Store

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I have added the Wordpress integration from @Michelle_Blanchette WordPress and Asana - #10 by Michelle_Blanchette

& @Khamir_Bhatia trick to turn Shopify orders into tasks How we're converting orders from Shopify into tasks on Asana as an Ecommerce Bakery!

& link to @_Sander product to link Asana and BitBucket

& link to conversation from @Ana_K about connecting Google Sheets and Asana Pull data from Asana API to Google Sheets


Great resource list, Bastien!

However i trying to look for a solution to setup successfully a project using VSM (Value Stream Mapping) methodology with tracking time with the concept of “lead time”.

I have checking Harvest as the main time tracking integrated solution for ASANA but not information on how to do this.

We are working with templates in ASANA to setup processes involving lead time and the VSM (Value Stream Mapping) concept.

For this it is needed to track the idle time between a task already done and the next time when you pick it up to start working on that, this could be tracked by a custom field and adding manually the lead time when you take the following task.

Does anybody could suggest how to use a time tracking app to set up this automatically?