What Asana integrations do you need?

Hi there! I’m Sara, a Success Manager at Asana. In addition to working one-on-one with customers, I work regularly with the product team to help them understand customer needs. Right now we’re interested in doing more with integrations and we need your input!

Would you please take a minute to fill out this quick survey about the integrations you’re looking for?

Also, if you’re interested in discussing integrations in more detail with me in this thread, here are some guiding questions:

  • What tools did you move processes from into Asana (replace with Asana)?
  • What tools do you use/want to use alongside Asana?

I’m looking forward to discussing these questions with you! Thanks so much for your feedback.


Hi @Sara the form says i need permission to access FYI.

@Patrick, thanks for the catch! Should be public to any respondents now.


Hi Sara,

I get a lot of feedback from clients and fellow-Asana lovers that the integration with Gmail needs to become much better.

Check for instance: Todoist | A To-Do List to Organize Your Work & Life
They have a button directly in Gmail, with which you can assign tasks, choose the due date and much more. We need something like this to convince ToDoIst users within organizations to switch to Asana.

Is something like this planned? If not I would try it with some friends.



Thanks for your feedback, @Sebastian_Paasch. Todoist seems like a helpful tool.

And thanks to everyone who responded to the survey!

Excited to see more discussion here. This is an opportunity to get on the inside of Asana product planning!

I think the most important thing is really tight integration with Zapier, because then users can do almost anything. There’s a few loose ends there, especially with Custom Fields (can’t use Custom Fields unless Asana is the trigger). Also can’t remove a tag, trigger on completed subtasks, etc.


Also the integration with Slack is pretty weak. Would love to see an easy way to have Slack conversations sync with project- and team-level conversations in Asana.


I totally agree with both posts from @Todd_Cavanaugh, Zapier is very powerful, but Custom Fields are very often painful to sync, if possible at all. Moreover, an improved Slack integration is very often requested.


Yes a quick “ADD TASK” button would be nice. But don’t want to do away with the forward function as it is useful when used with Gmail rules/filters to automatically create tasks.

Thank you all for the thoughtful feedback! This is so helpful. I’m also interested in hearing more of the “day in the life” with these integrations – when do you use Slack versus Asana? What kind of integrations, specifically, are you using with Zapier and what impact does that have? Anything that helps paint a picture is especially useful for us.

Agreed about Zapier and custom fields. Really hurts without that feature if you are trying to automate transactions to accounting software like Quickbooks Online. Would love to see more integrations with HR apps like ClearCompany or GoCo for recruiting and onboarding.

Also, asana really needs a chat/stand-alone messaging feature or the ability to comment on/about multiple tasks at once. All of our managers have requested this.


@Aaron_Wilkins, thank you for your feedback! I’d love to hear more about that second process request. Would a Conversation where you at-mention the Tasks in question suffice as an update, or are you hoping to bulk comment the same message on multiple Tasks? I’d love to know why managers are requesting this and how it fits into their day, as well.

Bulk comment on multiple tasks. What I have found is that most of our issues within workflows, by users can be grouped into a few buckets. Myself and other managers find ourselves copying and pasting the same comment into multiple tasks within the same project or just in general. It would be easier to do this directly in a task instead of a conversation. human-I-T tends to use conversations more for Project Changes of General issues that are not task specific or Org updates.


Better conversations integration all around. the biggest issue I find in Asana is the deluge of emails or slack posts. Most all activities are posted, and if too many are posted, none are seen. I’d like to limit slack posts to only tagged or following conversations.

Slack. Need to be able to jump into a task or assign a task easily or slot it into a project easily.

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Hi Sara,

We tried to replace Wunderlist with Asana.
But it ends at failure.

1.Not Simply UI(Small fonts ,It is a bit deficult to read.)
2.Push Notification from Hourly Reminder
3.Public task in My Tasks at Default

HI Sara,
This is a great question.
I tried to work with Instagantt and Asana.
We use Instagannt to better track and monitor projects progress but all these features are not synced well.
(I have my own wish list for Asana in this area )

Regarding the integration between the two, I think it can be better.
Few examples:

  1. dependencies that were created in Asana are not reflected in Instagantt.
  2. Hours estimation in Instagantt is not reflected in Asana ( I believe this is because Asana doesn’t allow to track hours estimation)
  3. There is no way that I found to sync the progress of a task that was reported on Instagantt and Asana
  4. I need to manually sync each new project



Great examples, Tomer! Thanks, I think @Sara will find your (and everyone’s!) feedback very informative.

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Since I don’t use Zapier and we are a small non-profit, I like integrations to work outside of Zapier. Google, gmail, Salesforce in a deeper way.

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Also, I would love an integration with Toggl. Not success with Harvest.

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