Integration Survey

Asana Integrations can be very powerful so I would love to start a survey of who uses what integrations. I will start:

  1. Sendana :smile: Bridging Outlook to Asana (You guys will have access within two weeks of my integration), Biased opinion so I will wait to see what you guys think
  2. Dropbox (Solid)
  3. Instagaant (Nice)
  4. Chrome Extension (Very Basic, does not ask for Project
  5. Google Drive (Solid)
  6. Harvest (I like a lot as I am a financial consultant)



I personally do not use any of the above. I find that none of them gives me the depth of integration that I am looking for. The only thing I use is Sprintsboards because aesthetically it produces better project status reporting. Will be interested to find out more about Sendana :slight_smile:


We are using We use the grid to interact with our tasks across all our projects. We can group, sort, and filter our tasks easily. We can also export to Excel. This is a free tool, so go ahead and try it and let me know if you like it as much as me.


I use the Harvest integration, which is nicely… well… integrated. Many on my team don’t even realize they’re using an external service.

I turned off the Slack integration because it was just noise, since people should be looking at Asana itself regularly anyway.

I have a lot of magical things happening through Zapier, mostly tracking things in Asana that happen elsewhere.

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I think the Dropbox and Google Drive integrations work great, and Instagantt is pretty amazing for only be developed by one guy. Harvest works well, but I’m currently trying out a few other alternatives as well.

Unito is a cool new service I used to set a client up syncing Asana and Jira. That worked pretty well.

Zapier is definitely one of my favorites. I hope Asana and Zapier can work together soon to get Custom Fields fully supported. In my book, that will make Asana 50x more powerful.


Thanks for that! Just tried it and it is great that I can see the same projection list format and in boards format :+1:

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I’m a big fan of the Google Drive integration- it works so seamlessly. I’ve also started using Zapier to create a task for new meetings in GCal so I can track them with everything else on my list each day.

Before I started tracking time in Asana using fields, I was a big fan of HourStack, and they have a great integration set up.

The other one we see a lot of customers get value out of is the Salesforce Integration through you can check that one out here:


I also use the google drive integration. However, I sometimes find that it fails to connect. Does anybody else have that problem?

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We are using Box for our file repository which integrates into our ERP system as well.

I’m also using Dropbox with our external marketing team.

I’m still trying to find a calendar replacement for Sunrise. :confused:

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I used Sunrise, too. If you’re on Mac, I ended up buying Fantastical 2. I’m actually pretty happy with it.


I have seen that quite a bit. But I am on Windows…

I have been waiting for to send me an invite. It sounds promising…

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Yup, same problem, EVERY time - I don’t think I’ve ever gotten it to work, and so I have taken to just pasting the google doc link into the description of the task.