Slack Workflow Builder Examples - It's Asana time! šŸš€

I hope everyone is safe and doing well.

I am an IT technical professional and hence, keep using Slack and Asana as the top combination for managing teams of developers all the time. And I just love both!!

Well, recently, I was just exploring any latest Slack workflow builder examples and there during that journey, I kept missing Asana there!

I think, it is high time to enlist our Asana app there just like other competitors.

I highly recommend the team Asana to please work on this thing so that more people give a try to Asana and making use of it for easing their daily online operations from Projects and Product management to teams management.

P.S. I have used all alternatives and finally found the leader - Asana. I truly want that no one misses the awesomeness of Asana and moving here asap!

CC: @Kimberlea @Emily_Roman


Hi @Asad :wave:t2:

Iā€™m so happy to hear how much you are loving Asana! What are the specific improvements you would like to see with the Slack integration?

You can create a #productfeedback post for each improvement you would like to see. In the #productfeedback category, others users can also vote your suggestion!

Looking forward your seeing your posts :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the acknowledgement.

Sure thing! I will be doing the same!