Slack 🤝 Asana: Make team conversations actionable with 30% off Slack Pro or Business+

Hi Asana Community! :wave:

Neel, Product Marketing Manager from Asana, here to tell you about a special offer: for a limited time, Asana customers can save 30% off eligible Slack Pro or Business+ plan upgrades for 12 months.*

If you’re interested in learning more about the offer from our friends at Slack, please click here.

Separately, I’m sure many of you have already tried out our Asana for Slack integration but I’d love to hear what you like about it! I personally love it because it helps me go from quick questions and action items in Slack to tasks with assignees and due dates in Asana.

Why does this matter? Well, according to our Anatomy of Work research, teams spend almost two-thirds of their time on work-about-work, which results in knowledge workers missing 26% of their deadlines.

With the Asana for Slack integration, you can turn ideas, work requests, and action items from Slack into trackable tasks and comments in Asana—more details below.

With the Asana for Slack integration, you can:

  • Create a new task, assign it to yourself or a teammate, and add it to an existing project
  • See Asana data like tasks, milestones, projects, portfolios, and more
  • Comment on a task
  • Mark a task complete
  • List all tasks in your workspace or organization
  • Receive updates on task creation, completion, or comments

Automate your processes by combining Rules and Slack

  • Reduce manual work by using Rules with Asana for Slack to automate routine tasks and save time.

For those new to the Asana for Slack integration, here’s how to set it up:

  • Sign up for a Slack account and an Asana account to get started.
  • Visit Slack for instructions to authenticate your account.
  • To start using the integration, type “/asana” in Slack to list, create, complete, or comment on tasks. You can also link Slack channels to Asana projects to receive updates when a task is created or completed.

We hope this partner solution brings value to how you coordinate work. Thanks!

For any Slack discount related support, please reach out to for assistance.

*Additional terms apply. Limited-time offer for companies with no more than 200 employees. Purchase now and get 30% off the first 12 months of eligible upgrades of a monthly or annual Slack Pro or Business+ plan. Offer expires February 9, 2023.


Thanks @Neel_Patel