Connect Asana to Slack, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, SMS, Discord & Telegram

Hey team,

I’m hoping for some feedback on an integration we want to build with Asana. I know Asana already plays nice with Slack. We have a Trello integration for creating cross-platform communication channels for each task and am curious to what extent this is relevant to Asana users.

Question: would it be useful to you if you could assign a task to people on Asana as usual, and then everyone connects together in one cross-platform communication group. Eg a manager on Slack, a client on Microsoft Teams and a freelancer on Whatsapp?

Also if you add a due-date we handle follow ups automatically.

If it’s not useful, please let me know why! Happy to add more info here, I just don’t want to seem salesy but you can check out StartADAM Control Panel product for some more context if you like, or ask here :slight_smile:

Thank you!
Adam (no relation lol)

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