Best Todoist Integration?



So I personally use Todoist as my to-do list and project management, while my job is trying to move onto Asana. Does anyone have advice about how to best integrate these two programs? I personally like Todoist (and also have paid for the premium version so want to use that lol), but would love to be able to send some tasks to my Asana business account, so my team/boss can see what’s happening.

I’ve looked around briefly and found Zapier and a few other integrations, but I guess I’m also looking for advice on how to choose a good app? Or even looking for a program to code “if this then that” things to automatically move certain tasks to and fro. Any suggestions, or what yall do for this would be helpful.

Thank you! :snail::sun_with_face:


Does TODOIST allow emailing a task that could then use several of the email integrations available?


It does! Thank you for pointing this out–emailing into ToDoist is something I haven’t used before, so I forgot about it. Thank you!


What email platform do you use?


Outlook for work, Google Inbox for personal.


You should the look at the Google integration for mail to Asana or the native mail to Asana


For Outlook look into my, for home look at the Gmail integration for Asana. Email your TODOIST to yourself and on to Asana?