Interest in integration for assigning tasks without creating guest?


I’ve seen a few posts from people who are interested in assigning tasks to third-parties without inviting them to join Asana. For example: Communicating Asana Tasks over Email to someone without Asana

I’ve made a website,, which is made for this use case. You assign tasks to people by email then they can mark it complete just by clicking a link in an email, without having to sign up to anything.

I thought it would be cool to make an Innopip Asana integration. Would anyone be interested in using that?


@NickJ I think it’s a cool idea. I noticed that Evernote just added this same type of capability recently and I thought of doing it for Asana. But you’re much better positioned to do it since you already have the existing product!

Yes, nice idea, @NickJ, and I might find an Asana integration useful.

I saw no reference to pricing/business model on your website. Are you anticipating a freemium model eventually, or switch to paid only, or free forever (how!?)? Regardless, looks neat.


Interesting idea!

@lpb Yes, it’s completely free now and we’re planning a freemium model - likely based on usage limits. The specific limits are not decided yet, but for example the free tier might be up to 30 tasks/month, $5 per month for up to 300 tasks/month.

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