Communicating Asana Tasks over Email to someone without Asana

often I have tasks with people I just once or once in a while collaborate with. So it doesn’t make sense for me to suggest Asana for limited collabs to them.
Question, can I still use my tasks in Asana to share those to such people without Asana, just by Email ??
So when I put them on Follow they receive an email with the task content and can answer via email and its fed back into Asana ??
That’d be super cool.



Yes, you could technically do this. By adding them as a collaborator, they’ll be set up as a user in the account. However, there’s no requirement that they need to login to access the task. As you said, they could simply reply to the email notification to add their comment to the corresponding task.

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Thanks Paul, I was not aware you could do that. Always thought to participate in Asana you had to have some form of account.

You can also have a look at Three Dots that allows you to share an Asana project with non-Asana users. They won’t be able to comment though.


I’ve just given this a try. I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong, but its not as straight-forward as this thread suggests I think. I tested to an email address I own but is not an Asana account.

  1. Added the email address as a collaborator, which generated an invite to that email to join Asana. Since this is the first email the user might see before anything to do with the task, this might be confusing to the user as to why they received an unsolicited invite.

  2. The invite went to Outlook Mail spam for my test. Asana probably need to reassess their invite email to make sure it reaches the inbox. In my test, I said it was not junk. I wonder if I had not, would further emails relating to the task have also gone to spam, and the user never see anything about it?..

  3. I @mentioned the new user to trigger a notification for that user. It asked if I wanted to share access to the task or the team. I said just the task.

  4. The task email displays comments in reverse order (newest comment first) which is different to the order displayed in the Asana interface. This might be confusing because there is no timestamps in the email for task comments.

  5. I replied to the email and it bounced, with a message from Asana: “I couldn’t process your email because you do not have access to this task.” I gave up at this point :smiley:

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I wish to add some weight to this thread as I also have to collaborate with external partners that surely wouldn’t wish to get onboarding emails from Asana, plus being subscribed to the mailing list automatically, if they don’t need to.

I’m trying to get rid of emails.
I’ve been using Asana with my team for almost 2 years now and love it. I would assume that Asana would like it if I ditched email altogether and spent all day in the App (mobile or browser).

Emails I send out are usually around a greeting plus a request or a task to external collaborators and clients.
I wish I could just task an external collaborator right from Asana without it requiring to have an Asana account or welcoming emails. They would just receive an email with the task name (subject) and description (body of email).
This would help me stay inside Asana and also help my team keep track of communications and information.

A colleague keeps copying and pasting emails to Asana and Asana tasks to emails to share out.

@anon14176895, doesn’t that make sense even from your business perspective? Users not leaving Asana to use regular emails?


I second this!


Agreed! This would really help my efficiency - not having to toggle back and forth between Asana and email. I use forms for non-Asana users to insert tasks, but then I have no way to communicate with them on the given task, and it’s even difficult (impossible) to have an email to that person populate as comment in that task.


Did this non Asana request and issue ever get addressed?

I created a “helpdesk” ticket system in Asana.
Only Managers and above where I work have Asana accounts.

If an employee submits a helpdesk through our email system I would then create a task in Asana and have the employee attached with an email so that employee could add comments from email and track where their submitted task is at. In progress, completed and so on.

What I would like to know if this is possible or if there are limits to non Asana users.

  1. Attach a non Asana users email to a task
  2. Asana sends and email to the non Asana user stating a task has been created.
  3. The email would include the task name, description, attachments and comments.
  4. Allows the non Asana user to “reply” to the email that would populate the reply to the Asana comments section including any attachment the non user wanted to include.
  5. Send emails to the non Asana user any time there is a change, comment, attachment added and so on for their submitted task.
  6. Send email to the non Asana user when the task has been completed or closed.

So is this possible Asana?


Email communication with non-Asana users is a “must have” feature. If I use Gmail for email I don’t expect a project partner, inside or outside of my organization, to add a Gmail account when they use Outlook or another email application. “Free” licenses are not a selling point in Asana.


I did this via Zapier (three dots link didn’t work above).

You can trigger it based a variety of things happening in Asana. My example was sending alerts to clients when a new task was completed.


I have discontinued this service a long time ago indeed.

Did we ever get a resolution to this? Very much would like to have this feature.

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There is currently no item on the roadmap we are aware of. I am not sure Asana would make it easy for people to NOT use Asana, so personally I wouldn’t wait too long for this feature, even though I can definitely see how useful it could be.

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