Emailing Tasks to Asana + Notifications to Recipients?

Hi all,

We are considering using this functionality (Turning emails into Asana tasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide) but would like to do so behind the scenes, where the person/people cc’ed may not be on our team, nor need to collaborate on the task once it’s created. Imagine if someone emails me to schedule an appointment and I bcc the project in my response to that person so that someone else on my team makes sure it is scheduled. The person who requested the meeting doesn’t need to see the Asana task. We have successfully created tasks in the projects using this method but since the people we are communicating with are not on our team, we get this error:

Your task was successfully created in Asana, but we’re sending you this email because someone you listed in the To: or CC: field in your email is not a member of the Organization, Workspace, or project to which you’re sending. You can learn more about this in the Asana Guide: Turning emails into Asana tasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

And from what I can tell, they aren’t notified that an Asana task has been created but before we roll this out more widely, would like to get confirmation that they aren’t getting some Asana invite to our project.

Any insight is much appreciated!

Welcome, @Christine_Tobolski,

You can assume they will not get an Asana invite in this case.

If you prefer not to see the warning, then you’d have to do two separate forwards in your case; the separate one to the project only with no cc’s, and the regular one with the cc’s but not to the project.

Hope that helps,