Can I just Asana Email myself to have Asana Emails sent only to me, instead of the whole Team?

Hi there!

So I am sending Asana Emails to myself to add to respective Projects/Task later. And I just learned to Asana Email directly into my projects.

But my busy boss is getting these notices because she is tacked on as a Collaborator on some Task? or because she is part of the Team?
I don’t want her to be notified when I Asana Email, I send them so I can deal with it later. [If I need her to see something, I would leave a comment in a Task she is collaborated with.]

How can just Asana Email myself please?

thx ny

Hi @nyprosell!

You can email to create private tasks in your My Tasks list. Please note that your CCed email recipients will be automatically added as collaborator of the tasks you create via email and they will receive notifications.

You can suggest to your colleagues to manage project notifications if they don’t want to be notified every time a new task is added to the project.

Emily hi and thank you so much for helping me so much.

So if I email [?teamname]], it will only notify me since it’s coming from my company email?

I’m confused - are there different Asana email addresses for Individuals and Team task?

Also where is the Member Notifications settings I can’t find it.

Thx ny

Hi @nyprosell, sorry for the late follow-up here!

There are currently two options to create tasks in Asana via email: (My Tasks list) and (Project).

If you email, a task will be created in your My Tasks section and it will be private to you for this reason you or your colleagues won’t receive notifications when this task is created.

If you want to create a task in a specific project via email, you’d need to send an email to (your Project ID is the string of numbers in your project’s URL (it should look like

Lastly, you can find your email notification settings following these steps:

  1. Access your project
  2. Click the “Share” icon in your project header
  3. Select “Manage notifications”

I hope this helps!

Thank you.