Send Gmail Emails from Asana

Hi All! I am looking for the best practice to send an email update to someone from within Asana directly from my Gmail. I don’t want it to appear as a task to the person or them to know that I am sending out of asana per 'se. I would just like it to appear as a normal email. Is this a possibility?

Hi @Brittany_Astorga - thanks for reaching out! Let me check that I understand you correctly - are you trying to send an email update from Asana? If you have a Business account or above, it is now possible to trigger an email being sent to Gmail as a result of an action in Asana:

However, the recipient will see that the item has been sent from Asana. See guide article here. I hope this helps!


Hi @Brittany_Astorga , on the other hand, I understood that you want to send an email to people in Asana as (private?) meesages - unfortunately this not currently possible.

However you can send emails to groups of people who belong to a team or a project in Asana!
Have a look at the Asana guide article here: Asana messages & email | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Hope you find that useful! :wink:

Thank you for your reply. We were looking for the not currently possible option. Just looking to link emails to tasks without copying and pasting.


Hi @Brittany_Astorga, it now sounds like you are looking for the opposite of the topic… :thinking:
Have you tried the Gmail Add-on?