Mailbox integrated to Asana to communicate with external users


I am trying to work out how I can have correspondence between my team & customers which takes place in Gmail to show within an Asana task/comments so that the email thread is visible to the wider team.

I’d really appreciate any advice on how this would be possible.


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Hi @John_Bromley
have you tried the Gmail extension?
You’ll have to copy and paste the information in the extension from your email, but it will ease the process.

Thanks @Sebastien_Levesque. I had looked into this but was hoping that there would be an automated approach rather than copy paste

not to my knowledge, sorry

In fact this is the biggest problem from my point of view with every todo app.

How can I connect customer/supplier interactions with my todo app. The idea, that everyone uses Asana and you invite your customer/supplier to Asana is great. But will never happen.

So I have all this outside conversation on gmail and it runs totally separate from our great internal Asana discussion. I searched now for 5 days for a solution for this problem and I didn’t found anything suitable software on the market. I’m very frustrated at the moment because I can’t understand it.

All in All what I see is that its very hard to get my team members to use Asana for their daily Email activity. Its just to complicated for them. For every email they have to do 3 clicks + loading time of the plugin:

  • Click on the Asana Addon Button on Gmail
  • Click on create task
  • Check every field if its correct (assigned to, project etc.)
  • Click on create task

Sorry guys. But this is simply not working. Why don’t you have a button in Gmail for every Email like “save to Asana”. Thats it. Then they have their Emails directly in their task inbox and can get it done or reorganize the task. That would be a simple but a huge improvement. Have you ever tried to create a task from gmail to Asana during a train trip? You get crazy. Between every step the plugin needs to load the next site. Sometimes I need 10 Minutes or more to create a task… 1 Button, 1 click, 1 time loading… that would be much more easier.

My biggest dream would be, if there is mailbox integrated in Asana, where I can directly write within my task an email to my customers/suppliers. I didn’t found any solution like this on the market and you have a great software. If you would implement that, I’m sure, Asana would attract a lot of customers. I always ask my self why google didn’t implement already a good project management/task tool within gmail/G Suites…


You hit a great point here and I think it is a really good idea to have the integrated mailbox to communicate with external people. I’ve moved this post within the Feedback thread of the community, then users will be able to vote on this. Please go ahead and start voting :wink:

How many votes does it take to pressure the development team to make a move?

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Hi @John_Lennon! :wave:

If you’d like to learn more about how we engage with product feedback here in the Community, take a look at this post: post. :slight_smile:

Bingo - I don’t want to leave the Asana interface to communicate with outside parties - nor do I want to force outside parties to use Asana. I want to send and receive email from within Asana without fancy formatting - just the message, like an email.
Treat the message from Asana to the external party as an email to that 3rd party.