Sync gmail inbox to Asana automatically

Hey there - we have a shared inbox (sales@) but don’t want to require all our team to check an additional inbox every day because we already communicate mostly in Asana.

Ideally - we turn all emails in the inbox into asana tickets which can be assigned and responded to directly in asana… This guide explains perfectly, but I’m hesitant because of the price ($150/year per user). We have 6 people on the sales team that are currently in Asana and who’d need to respond and I don’t really want to pay an extra ~1k/yr for this feature

Any other add-ons / integrations that can achieve this effect?


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The key is being able to respond to emails directly within asana. I don’t think the asana gmail integration does that.

Hi @jackson1!
Please have a look at these integrations

also, check out this documentation

I think they will work just fine for you!