Integrating Gmail and Asana to cut out middleman

When people outside our organization need to support they reach out via email. Our support tech then needs to manually create an Asana ticket for them and add it to one of our support projects. Likewise when there are updates or when we are closing the inquiry, we have to reach out to our support person who then reaches out the the external. We are looking to cut out the need for that middleman of our support tech needing to reach out. Does the Gmail/Asana integration make it possible for tasks to get created from emails AUTOMATICALLY? The documentation I’ve read makes it looks like a person still has to access the Asana side panel to create a task from the email. We would also want to be sure that any comments posted to the ticket will be sent to the external and ideally have a way to make some comments private and others public in case there are some parts of the investigation we would not want to external to see. Is that possible?

Hi @Michelle_Gordon, thanks for reaching out!

You can automatically create tasks from emails by auto-forwarding emails to Asana, you can find the steps in this article: Turning emails into Asana tasks | Product guide • Asana

However, please note tasks won’t automatically sync when there are new comments or responses to the emails.

I recommend you checking the following threads with some tips from the community:

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I hope this helps!

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