Synchronizing Gmail thread into Asana Task with comments

I’d like to be able to “document” Gmail conversation in Asana. I expect to be able to have first message of thread to become Task (with email body as task Description), and all subsequent replies to become comments in that task. The task can be created by “special” Asana user, and comments be submitted as same user. I do not need Asana comments to be emailed back to the thread, one way Gmail->Asana, would be fine. This should happen automeaticall for all emails (or threads matching specific search filter, i.e. tagged with specific tag) and require no manual interaction from within Gmail UI.

Is there Asana integration that would allow me to achieve this?

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Hi @Myroslav_Opyr,

What an interesting use case! Have you tried the basic email → Asana workflow? See overview and instructions here: Turning emails into Asana tasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide . You may also be interested in the Asana for Gmail add on

As for a more detailed integration, I suggest that you explore The folks at tray are experts in setting up complex workflows and they know Asana. You might have some luck setting something up with them.

Basic requires manual actions. And is only for 1st email in thread. would work, but would need some programming. I’d tried in the past, but it is not trivial to build the sync tool like I’d asked above in, and every e-mail will probably “consume” multiple steps, since I’d have to rebuild Gmail treading logic with email header interpretations (References/In-Reply-To), probably some Subject heuristics, and some lookup table to map threads to asana tasks.

Thus some ready-to-use solution would be welcome.

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