Asana for Gmail - associate a thread to an existing task?

Hi there, forum! I’ve installed the Asana for Gmail integration, but I’m not getting a lot of use out of it. I rarely create tasks directly from my Gmail inbox. I was hoping to find a functionality which allowed me to associate an email or thread to an existing task, but that doesn’t seem to exist.

The workaround I’ve been using is:

  1. Search for the task in Asana for Gmail (remembering the task name often requires me to have an Asana window open, negating this whole experiment)
  2. Copy and paste the body of the email into a comment on the existing task using Asana for Gmail.

However, this is a static input not a connection. Any replies to the thread have to go through the same process.

Am I missing something? Does anyone else have a better workaround or integration they use? Much appriciated!

Hi @Alison_Palmer, thanks for reaching out!

The Asana for Gmail integration allows you to add emails to existing Asana tasks, but as you mentioned, you need to remember the name of the task so you can search for the task in the Gmail add-on. I can’t think on another possible workaround at the moment but I’ll leave this thread open so other community members can share their experience with you!

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