New Gmail Sync doesn't allow to update existing tasks

Hi the new gmail sync feature to include updates on future replies is great. However, we are still in great need of syncing emails to existing tasks. This is important because most often, project tasks are already created by the time email communication is happening. The inability to add an email or multiple emails to the relevant task without creating a new task really defeats the efficiency of this automation.

Would anyone else benefit from this feature upgrade?

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A few weeks ago I saw the exciting new feature of syncing your email responses to an asana ticket automatically through the Gmail Add-On:


However, I notice that it only seems to build this connection if I make a NEW Asana task through the add-on. If, instead, I search for a pre-existing asana task, it does successfully pair them (so the task opens every time I open that email thread), but I have no option to sync emails to it. Is there a way to trigger email syncing on pre-existing asana tasks once they’re paired through this tool?

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