IT Ticketing Using Forms and Rules

Hi Everyone,

One major area that my team works in is IT Ticket Support. Our customers rely on our expertise when something goes wrong and it is important that our Engineering Team is well-organized.

I have created some rough draft forms and rules for anyone using Asana for a ticketing purpose, specifically utilizing the details within forms.

The first step is to create the rules for your forms to follow once a submission is created. The following screenshots are the required rules:

The functionality of these rules is to keep IT Tickets organized and in the correct section for my Engineering Team to have the best visibility and help our customers quickly.

The second step is to create a detailed form for your customers. The form can be customized as much as you like, and I have shared screenshots of a “Test IT Ticketing Form”

When this is submitted, because of the rules you established previously, the form will automatically show up in the “Submitted IT Tickets” Section.

Below is the visibility of the form details within the task that was created:

When this IT Ticket is marked complete, your rules will automatically move the submission to the “Completed IT Tickets” Section.

I hope these tips and tricks will provide help to an organization that utilizes an IT Ticketing System, as it has proven beneficial to my team.


This is very helpful! Thanks for sharing your use case, @Mike_Tammaro! :star:

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Amazing, I had developed the exact same steps for our small dev requests!

The only difference is that I didn’t add everyone as collaborators immediately, I just assigned the task directly to myself so I could allocate tasks directly. I’m going to trial your method, not sure if this will generate too much notification traffic though.

I feel pretty secure in this design now that you’ve independently suggested it :slight_smile:


Thank you! We have a small team, so the our engineer alias alerts 3-4 people and our IT manager delegates from there. The workflow is designed to be malleable and have the ability to work in large or small teams.

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@Mike_Tammaro costumers who create the ticket can recive emails when you answer or work with the task in Asana?

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Hi Mike,

I always wondered about having IT Ticketing to introduce to my client. Thank you for the amazing tips and mentioned via using Forms and Rules. This is a great help. Greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: :+1:

@Enric_Moreno Yes, just make sure they are listed as a “collaborator” in the little circles at the bottom of the Messages. (It’s always a good idea to double-check who your audience is, anyway!)

So, as long as the customer is in Asana, they can receive an email notification.