IT Ticketing System-Any Suggestions?

The head of IT at my church wants to set up a ticketing system for IT requests. IT is supported internally and externally. I have the privileges things fairly well down from a study. Now I would love to hear how some of you might use Asana for service ticketing and how you would have the work flow set-up. Would be interested if some are using Boards even. Thanks


Has anybody integrated Google Forms as a ticket system?

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So here is what I am thinking

  1. Any IT members that are not already an employee of the church would
    be set up as a project member not an Organization or Team member as it
    would use up Asana seats. They can be very functional as guests. This is the nature of expanding a volunteer organization like a church outside the church walls.

  2. We would have one project for the team separated with Sections for discipline. Project Name IT Resources. Each resource would be a task. including name, custom Field for discipline, custom field for Phone Number. Might decide to put in description

  3. Set up a working help desk by allowing a two stage 2
    project mechanism. The first project would be IT-Submissions then followed by a second project for IT-In Progress. This allows a staging area for submissions
    to be reviewed and assigned then moved to the IT-In Progress as they are
    worked on. The requester can be a collaborator so they always know where things stand. Requests would be emailed to the Project Address of IT-Submissions. Once Assigned most likely I would delete out of the IT-Submissions Project by removing the project which would have both IT-Submissions and IT-In Progress as a project.

Both projects would be separated in sections of disciplines just like IT

  1. I am also looking at some of the “forms” software" for submissions but need to make sure they are forwarded to my project address of IT-Submissions as an attachment.

  2. These have various prices but some that I have looked at are:

  1. Some of these integrate with Zapier and I have to make sure the submission supports PDF attachment because Asana emails to the best of my knowlege only support simple text.

Thank you @Todd_Cavanaugh for some of our interaction.


No problem, @James_Carl. Glad I could assist.

Wufoo is a little complicated to set up but would offer the most flexibility if not using Zapier (i.e. if dropdown is answered “Web issue”, assign to a different person than “Database issue”). I have a lesson on using Wufoo with Asana in the Asana Training Masterclass as well.

I think I also mentioned that I don’t think the PDF is essential (and is actually a little worse from a user perspective in having to view an attachment rather than see issues populated and not being searchable in task details). I’d just make sure the form solution you choose allows image attachment uploads for screenshots.

@Todd_Cavanaugh Am I missing something or when you mail a task to a project address it can only show simple text in the description. I did not think any type of form other than simple text would show up. That is why I have been looking for an attachment. Maybe using forms at all is overkill when requests can be outlined in the description field of the email and images can be attached. You would miss out on some of the form tracking that the sites have but I guess you have tracking in Asana. The IT department may just look at a cheap ticketing system outside of Asana.

@James_Carl You can’t include rich text formatting or HTML if that’s what you’re asking. But you can include attachments (images) that could be uploaded through the form.

I do think forms are essential for things like this to provide standardized info to whomever is looking at it. Otherwise there’s a lot of back and forth that will happen because info is not included in email (“Which browser were you in? Which operating system are you using?” etc.)

@Todd_Cavanaugh Chrome and Windows 7

Looks like you two have explored many options here. My instincts are similar to yours indicated above so I won’t barrage you with more text. I’ll simply add a fun addition: the Zendesk Asana integration!

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I know the thread is old but, in case it’s helpful to anyone else, we’re using Asana as our help desk as well ― and here’s how we’ve got it set up:

  • we’ve created a new project for support inquiries;
  • the project resides in a public team, accessible to anyone in the org;
  • someone submits a new inquiry by email (custom email address in Office 365);
  • the inquiry is forwarded to the project email address and to us (IT team);
  • we monitor (using email or the Asana ‘Connector’ set up in a Microsoft Teams channel) and categorize (using ‘custom fields’) the new inquiries project; and
  • the sender/submitter is automatically added as a collaborator on the task ― so they’ll receive the necessary updates.

I know JotForm was mentioned earlier but, in the time that’s passed since it’s been mentioned, they’ve implemented a new integration with Asana that’s pretty slick. Specifically, you’re able to map the fields you’ve added in the form to the respective fields in Asana. (I.E., you can map an ‘email address’ field in JotForm to either the ‘assignee’ or ‘collaborators’ fields in Asana.)

I’ve already taken the steps to implement that and adjust the aforementioned workflow ― though I imagine we’ll have to deal with incoming emails for a while due to the ease by which attachments (screenshots) can be submitted that way.

…and here’s that JotForm integration:

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Curious if anyone tried to integrate Asana with Jitbit? Jitbit Helpdesk • Asana

Hi everyone!

I’m delighted to announce we’re launching our new Asana for Zendesk integration to help you to streamline and automate work between Zendesk and Asana! Please find all details in our announcement here:

Let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile: