Ticketing use-case: Customer Support in Asana

Hi Asana enthusiasts :wave:

Should you consider managing a Customer Service or other ticketing project in Asana?
Yes, and it works smoothly! In this video, learn how. :wink:

:clipboard: With an Asana form that makes it easy to collect all the details needed to resolve incoming requests.

:vertical_traffic_light: And features like priority tracking via custom fields and different views for better organisation.

:bar_chart: And a dashboard, a visual aid that will help you easily grasp the big picture.

:robot: And automation rules, linked to your SLAs, for example.

Bonus : download this template project (wait a few minutes for import):
:point_right: https://bit.ly/SLA-Tickets


thanks @Arthur_BEGOU for this, I have setup nearly exactly what you did, so looks to be a good appraoch :slight_smile: . You talk about app integrations, but is there any other way of giving external (not Asana users) clients visibility on their tasks, at least status? Assume you have tickets from 5 customers in your project and you like each client to only see obviously their tickets, and from these only some specific fields like title, date opened, status and a comment. Ideally one could sent a specific link to each customer so they can access their tickets via browser view. I have absolutely no clue how to tackle this, but maybe somebody is already further in these thoughts…?

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Hi @Oliver_Schallehn :wave:

To answer your questions:

=> You can decide to invite externals at the task level only (not at the project level); this way, they’ll see only the task they are allowed to see
I’ve just created a forum tips to review the process of inviting guests in tasks

=> This part is different, I’m investigating at the moment.


More tests i’ve conducted there: Collaborating with guests in a task: From the guest POV - #3 by Arthur_BEGOU