How do I set up a project with different views for externals

Hi there,

I am currently working on a software development project with my client.

We currently face a communication problem with our client: They don’t know what we are working on and we don’t get the commitment we need from them.

As such we want to set up an Asana project with strict deadlines and more transparency about the process.

The problem here is that we of course don’t want the client to see all of our tickets. Do you know of any good way how we can handle this? Is there any option how we can only make certain tickets visible to them?

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Hi :wave:

You have three solutions I believe:

  1. you can multi home some tasks into a dedicated project client and remove them as member of your main project
  2. you can create for them an advanced search report to only show some tasks (with a tag on them for example), but they would still see the whole main project
  3. you can invite them as followers of only some tasks and don’t add them as members of your main project

Would that work?


Hi @Bastien_Siebman,

thank you for your quick reply.

I am going with your 1st option, which works perfectly! Thank you for that hint!

Is there also a way how I can restrict certain team members from deleting tickets?


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You can choose the “Comment only” permission at the project level for certain members.

This is a Premium feature.