Using asana as a ticketing system - can specific fields be hidden for read only users?

We would like to use have users raise support tickets directly in asana via a form. These users are external to our organization.

Ideally, we would like to use the task input by the client in asana to manage the request rather than create our own task to track progress.

I created a project and gave the client read only access to that project. I created a separate project for internal use where I added custom fields that I didn’t want the client to see (eg. our priority, deadline…) My hope was that we would only see those fields in our project and the client would not see them in the project they have read only access to. Unfortunately, the client is able to see the custom fields from our internal project in the client project.

Is there a way to display fields for a task in one project and not have them shown in a separate project? If not, what are some other potential ways to use asana as a ticketing system where the client only gets a subset of information and minimize duplication of effort?

Thanks in advance for any direction.

Hi @David_Sotropa , welcome to the forum :wave:

The only way to achieve this is to set those custom field as local, i.e. do NOT checkmark the option ‘Add field to your organisation’s library’ in the field’s edit settings. If the field has been already used in multiple projects, this option will be disabled, meaning you need to remove the field from all other projects except your internal project.

This will result in the fields only being available in your internal project, however they will not be visible in the task details to users who are NOT members of your internal project, which should be set to private for good measure if the fields contain sensitive information.

A really good article on this is:


Thanks @Richard_Sather !!! Exactly what I’m looking for. Appreciate the thoughtful response. Have a great day.

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