A new project view for ticketing projects

I think this suggestion will bring a different dimension to Asana which might we welcomed by many. Having the ability to use a project as a ticketing system. What do I mean by this, and what features am I asking for?

When creating a project, I would like an option to state: ticketing project or helpdesk project. This is in addition to list, board or timeline view.

If I select ticketing / helpfesk I would like:

  • due dates to be removed from the ticket. The driving factor should be the workflow.
  • Custom fields to become a must to build in this space.
  • Ability to build the workflow (custom field driven) with a start and end step
  • Ability to allocate an SLA per each custom field option (step)
  • Ability to create a report of how long a task (ticket) spent in each custom field, and how long it remained open from creation to completion. Completion being driven by the last step in that workflow and not by the due date.
  • external (non asana) users who submit a ticket via a form that is also required to proceed with this project, to be given public view of this ticket with comment only rights. This requires the most shift in the user interface because now public links are available for projects. I would like the public links to be available for tasks (tickets) with a user interface that is very similar to the one used by forms.

I know there are other platforms out there that does this good and integrate fairly well with asana. But I don’t see why we cannot request this feature and have asana a work management tool that capture anytime of work, not just projects / processes, but also those operational support tasks that should give insights for goals and portfolio development of organisations.

Any thoughts?