Auto email the person who has submitted an Asana form

I cannot find this exact question/solution on the forum. I want to be able to set a rule which sends an email (outside of Asana mail) to whomever has submitted an Asana for.
Example is: Form is submitted, task is auto-created, once task is moved to certain section the person who submitted the form (and will have supplied their email address) is emailed a response.
The response can be pre-set but the person it goes to needs to be driven by the email address the form came from so I can’t pre-set the address in the rule as being a particular person.

Welcome, @Fiona_Collins1,

You can’t do this natively in Asana but I believe you can do this with the third-party (@Phil_Seeman).



Thanks @lpb.

Yes, @Fiona_Collins1 you can do this using our Flowsana integration. For example:


Thank you, I will look into this

Thank you for the screen shot @Phil_Seeman - I will look into Flowsana, I will only be able to use it if it is free at this stage in the business

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