How to automate emails from Asana forms


I’m looking for a solution that would allow a form submission to trigger an automatic email to one’s inbox. E.g. A person submits a request via the Asana form and an email is automatically sent an Outlook email.


Hi @Keil_Corey ,

All submitters will receive an email receipt from Asana automatically, once they submit a form.

Are you looking to send a different email than this? If so, what would be the content of the email and when would you expect it to be sent? i.e. what is the trigger and conditions?

Hi @Richard_Sather,

The trigger could come from a custom field I’ve created in Asana. I am looking to receive an email to a work email inbox (and ideally multiple work email inboxes of relevant colleagues) when a person submits a question via an Asana form. It would look something like this:

  1. Person fills out Asana form asking their question. They’ve selected a specific technical standard (custom field) we publish and have a question about its implementation.
  2. Asana sends an automatic email to our technical support catchall email inbox (in Outlook) no matter which technical standard is selected
  3. Asana also sends an email to the relevant colleague (technical expert) based on which technical standard (custom field) they’ve selected

Currently, we use Microsoft Forms and PowerAutomate to do this, but would love to switch over to Asana for a one-stop-shop.


Thanks for the info @Keil_Corey , that helps!

If I may challenge your current workflow, it seems that you create various emails sent to various members, breaking the work into various threads. May I ask, are all the people involved in this workflow already in Asana? If they are, I would make the leap to Asana without the need for any emails whatsoever, where everyone collaborates on the task from the form submission, which could include a subtask for each person you mentioned.

But if for whatever reason you still require emails to be sent, you could do this with Asana’s built in ‘Send email’ rule with Gmail which you will find in the ‘External actions’ tab.

Alternatively, if you scroll down further in that list of rule actions, you will also find ‘Send an email’ action by which is a great 3rd-party plugin that can do a bunch more things for your Asana, for a relatively low cost compared to other 3rd party connectors like or


Hi @Richard_Sather,

Your point on workflow is appreciated and I agree that would be the optimal approach in this case. I hope to move that way in the future, but for now staff are not fully onboarded, which will be the case for the foreseeable future.

I’ll look into your suggestions, but would need emails to be sent to an Outlook inbox. I’m not familiar enough with the tools you’ve noted to understand if that matters or not.

Appreciate your help and suggestions!

Hi @Keil_Corey , yes the tools I mentioned will be able to send an email to any valid email address (on any platform/app/account etc.)

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