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I am trying to help a wing of my company adopt Asana to streamline their workflow, and am running into a few issues I was hoping there may be advice on. 

We currently have a custom form that business partners fill out that populates into a project. Certain fields on the form are connected to others in the project (Some contact emails + other pertinent information)

Upon receipt of this form, our team always has to send out two templated emails manually to different business partners.

Are we able to somehow send a templated email that extracts data from the form/connected field in the project?

Example, “123 Main St” written under “Street Address” in the form.

Email to template something along lines of "Request for (Street Address)" in title and sent to (Email address) that was gathered from the form. 

The only tie in I see with gmail atm appears to be directed more towards in house status update type things, and not quite what we are looking for. Would something like mailchimp have that capability without manually having to retype the information?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @Andrew_Jeffrey,
I think this would be something for an Automation app like Zapier, Make etc.
Have a look at the post of @Bastien_Siebman for what is possible for the different tools here:

I guess you could have a Webhook in place which watches new form submissions/new tasks in your project and gathers the information from your fields and puts it into an email.

Welcome to the forum @Andrew_Jeffrey,
Additionally to what Martin mentioned you might want to have a look here:

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